Friday, 31 March 2017

I rank among Nigeria’s best aviation ministers - Stella Oduah

I rank among Nigeria’s best aviation ministers - Stella Oduah

- Senator Oduah believes she should be rated among the best public officers in the Nigeria's aviation ministry 

- Oduah discloses that she coined the word “transformation”, and wanted transformation to be personified during her time as minister 

- The ex-minister says she can paint the face of poverty even if she closes her eyes

 Stella Oduah, a senator representing Anambra north in the Senate, has rated herself among the best public officers to have ever headed Nigeria’s aviation ministry. Senator Oduah made this known in an interview with The Cable. According to her, she coined the word ‘transformation’ during her time as a minister.

Oduah said: “I think with all sense of humility, I was one of the best ministers to ever serve in aviation. The evidence is there. I didn’t do it because I was just a minister. “I coined the word “transformation”, and I wanted transformation to be personified. I wanted it to be on the record that indeed we can transform. All we need to do is to ensure that we do all we have to do and think outside the box. “If you remember how Abuja, Lagos and Enugu airports used to be. We did a holistic transformation.

 Again, it is just to prove that transformation is doable. All it requires is hard work and good people to implement the strategy.” On her achievements so far as a senator, she said: “Legislative wise, I have been able to prioritise and mainstream policies and laws that will address the inadequacies and gaps that exist in rural communities.

 “During the campaign, I took time to ensure that I visited every community. I have 59 communities in my zone and I visited every single one of them. So, I understand the extent of deprivation, of degradation… the poverty; it is so alarming. “If you ask me today to paint the face of poverty, I can close my eyes and paint it. So when I talk about policies and laws that will address these gaps, I am not just being theoretical and I am saying and driving it because I know I have seen them, and I have lived with them, so I know what they feel.

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