Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Dino Melaye And Akoh Ikpeme Caught On Tape Talking Bribe (Audio By Sahara R.)

An audio tape obtained by Saharareporters has revealed how Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye compromised Justice Akon Ikpeme, the tribunal judge who handled his election case in 2015.

In the tape, which captures a telephone conversation between Justice (Mrs) Akoh and Mr. Melaye, the judge is overheard asking Mr. Melaye to give her a bribe in US dollars.

She also asks Mr. Melaye to assist a person Dino repeatedly referred to as her "daughter" secure a job at the Cross Rivers State Ministry of Health.

Our investigation reveals that Justice Ikpeme is married to a Cross River medical doctor. She is reportedly number 3 in the hierarchy of the Cross Rivers judiciary.

Saharareporters could not confirm if Mrs. Ikpeme’s daughter got a job with the Cross Rivers state government, but in a second call between her and Mr. Melaye, the Senator bragged that he had already spoken to the state governor, Prof. Ben Ayade.

In 2016, Justice Ikpeme dismissed a petition by Smart Adeyemi, Mr. Melaye’s opponent, in accordance to the plot to let Mr. Melaye off the hook at the election tribunal.

SaharaReporters contacted the spokesperson to the Cross Rivers state governor, Christian Ita who said they could only locate a family member of the Ikpeme’s who was already a civil servant in the state before Prof. Ayade became the state governor in 2015.

Read the transcript of the audio tape below: 

1st Tape Dino: Hello... M’Lord .... get out of the chambers 

Judge: Okay... I wanted to let you know that I am back (in my state) 

Dino: Oh... great, great, great, great. We are going to the UK tonight ... errrm... I am presently with the senate president. We are back on Monday 

Judge: Okay 

Dino: So, I will look for a day during the week so I will just keep talking to you, once I return I will come 

Judge: I wanted to tell you that whatever you want to do, make it in eeee USD 

Dino: Of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, no problem madam, no problem. My sister, I have given the perm sec, they will reach her, (something else) 

Judge: I wanted to ask because... 

Dino: I have given it to the perm sec so they will definitely reach her. I will call him again as soon as I come back so they can invite her 

Judge: Okay Dino: No problem ma. Thank you ma Judge: Safe journey 

Dino: Alright, God bless you.

Judge: Keep reminding the perm sec ...

Dino: Definitely.

2nd Tape Judge: Distinguished good afternoon.

Dino: Heee The ---- of law

Judge: (laughs) How are you?

Dino: I'm here as you see me o?

Judge: I can't hear you

Dino: I said you have refused to come o

Judge: I will come

Dino: I hope rapture will not take place before you come ( both laughs) 

Judge: I will come when there's opportunity

Dino: I just spoke with err Prof now

Judge: Ok

Dino: So he said if she is ready to start without pay, that she can come and see him and start immediately, because the present set now will finish by the end of this first quarter that's March, that's when they are taking in the next set, but if she want to start without pay that i should give her a note to come and she could start immediately

Judge: And then after March she will start getting pay

Dino: Definitely yes after he said when the sch..... after the first quarter so if you discuss with her then err whatever she preferred he said i should just give her a note to come

Judge: Let me discuss with her at least you can er send a note to her email it to her if she's available 

Dino: Ok alright

Judge: But let me discuss with her

Dino: Ok

Judge: Thank you very much Dino: Alright no problem 

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