Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Eviction Order: Igbo’s Are The Most Usel@ss, Worthl@ss & Terrible Tribe In Nigeria – Fashola Spits Fire! (Must Read)

By PROF. Fashola. I have been in utmost shock since yesterday evening going by the reaction of the igbos to the threat from the north on the eviction of the igbos from all 19 states of the north. WHEREAS the igbos had constituted a nuisance to the whole nation with the cries of Biafra and their desire to leave the “zoo” enmasse for their beloved Biafra, however, their reaction to the eviction threat exposed them for the charlatan, nonentity and useless tribe that they are in Nigeria. The Igbos since yesterday filled cyberspace wailing and gnashing their teeth at the realization that Biafra is now imminent. It beggers belief that the Igbos would reject a golden opportunity to go back and develop the east given the carte Blanche handed them by the north. I as a Yoruba man now wonders what will happen to the igbos if the yorubas issue a similar ultimatum. 

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